Just Advice

Finances tend to be highly integrated and personal so a holistic approach is recommended to properly address your questions. However, we know that not everyone is ready for a complete financial planning process. So if you are just looking for advice we can provide time-based consultations at a rate of $225/hour.

The Complete Plan

Dixon Davis believes in working for you. This means we do not sell products or take referral fees for our recommendations. Our engagements are performed on an hourly base and include 3 meetings, an interim report, discussions, and a final report wrapping up our recommendations and outlining actions to be taken. Typical planning engagements range from $2,500 – $3,800 and may go up from there depending on the complexity of your situation. Each plan is distinct to address your unique needs and questions. The entire process will take time but it is worth it. 

Retainer Program

Dixon Davis & Company offers an annual retainer program. The program is designed to offer you access to the Dixon Davis team whenever you and your family have an important decision to make. The retainer program follows on from the original financial planning project to make sure all actions have been executed. We work with you to help arrange your cash flow, provide updates on your net worth, and meet with you and your investment advisor to make sure they are following your asset management philosophy. In addition to regular consulting to discuss changes in your situation, our retainer fee also covers the cost of preparing personal tax returns for you and your family. The retainer program starts at $3,500.