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Mark Lotocky


Principal and Head of Financial Planning

Mark read his first financial planning book at fourteen and has been hooked ever since. Early in his career Mark turned his attention to the world of accounting. A love for numbers and solving problems taught him the in and outs of tax , how corporations work, and how to optimize them. As a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP), he has the experience to help build tax efficient strategies that maximize net worth and cashflow. As well Mark is an avid consumer of investment research and techniques and enjoys helping build a strategy that fits with his client’s ultimate financial goals.

Over his time at Dixon Davis, Mark has worked on many complex cases including, strategizing for tech company growth and buy outs, optimizing real estate corporations for retirement, and most importantly helping families find their financial independence.

Mark believes that personal financial planning goes beyond the numbers and must align strongly with the beliefs and goals of those he works with. It is important for him to understand the concerns of his clients to help educate and overcome obstacles that may be in their way. He knows that having a strong financial foundation is the key to achieving most of life’s goals.  

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