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We build you strategic roadmap of what you need to do to achieve your financial goals and objectives.


1. Discovery Meeting

2. Information Gathering

3. Orientation

and Education

4. Analysis of Financial Position 

5. Interim Meeting

6. More Analytics

7. Financial Plan Presentation 

How we work

No matter what stage of life you are in, having a financial roadmap will help you make more informed decisions about what you spend, save, or invest.

Our personally tailored process aims to address any specific questions you may have and includes the preparation of a comprehensive financial planning report. Recommendations made seek to suggest a strategy which, when implemented, will achieve your goals while addressing what means the most to you.

The 6 Disciplines of our bespoke Comprehensive Financial Plans


Tax is the largest expense to every Canadian, so we find strategies that help you minimize it. We believe everyone must pay their share, but not a day before it is due. 


We always start with cashflow as it is the most important part of your financial plan. Knowing where the money comes from and how it supports your life is key.

Risk Management

Risk Management is all about exploring your plan to find where things could go wrong and proposing strategies to help protect yourself against them. 


We don't sell or manage products. This gives us the ability to take your personal philosophy and design a strategy that makes your investments work best for you.

Estate Planning

Your goals, dreams, and expectations for where your money will go is an important part of your financial plan. What you do today will be reflected in the future. 

Long Term View

A comprehensive review of your situation will ensure you won't outlive your financial resources.

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