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Our fixed-fee approach is transparent and based entirely on the complexity of your situation...

... Because your level of wealth should not dictate how much you pay

We are proud to be part of the financial planning profession. We should not be confused or compared with traditional wealth management. We believe that charging fair and transparent fixed fees will ensure we form a lifelong relationship that will enable us to give you financial advice in a way that most improves your life.


Our fees are very different than the norm in the traditional financial advice industry, where charging a percentage of your investments, regardless of performance or the work involved, is common place. We want to be measured by the impact your decisions have on your life, not on your investments' relative performance against an index or a benchmark.

Your Financial Planning Investment

With our fixed-fee structure you will always know exactly what you are paying for and what you will get in return.


Financial Assessment

Access to Dixon Davis for 1 year

Assessment of your current financial position

Exploration of your goals and objectives

Help with implementation to get you moving in the right direction

Starting at $3,900


Check-ins and Reviews

Update your financial assessment as needed or when you go through a significant life event. May include:

Investment strategy calibration

Goal progress update

Analysis of new scenarios

Starting at $1,900 per check-in

(availability based on capacity)


Ongoing Financial Planning

A more proactive approach to managing your finances, keeping up-to-date on changes in the economy, tax laws, and your life.

Annual Check-ins and Reviews

Plus two meetings per year

Starting at $2,400 per year

*The amounts are for illustrative purposes only, and while they indicate the complexity and our fixed fee structure, the amount your plan falls into will be confirmed once we know you better. For example, if you are a shareholder in a complex corporate structure but your needs are more straightforward, we may not charge for the complexity of understanding the corporation.

Planning your good life begins today.

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