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Cole Schneider


Financial Planner

Cole's journey into financial planning began during his university career. It was there, amidst the theories and principles of personal finance and economics classes that he found himself drawn to the intricacies of financial strategy and wealth management.

While attending university, he began his professional finance career as an analyst at a big five bank. After graduating with a BBA in Finance he moved into an advisor role. While advising at the bank, Cole came to the difficult realization that bank culture and practices do not align with his beliefs. The banks are largely sales driven rather than client centred; success is defined by the quantity of products sold rather than the quality of advice that is delivered. Feeling unsatisfied, he began searching for a firm that aligned with his beliefs about how financial advice should be delivered – centred around the client’s life goals and free of conflicts of interest, ulterior motives, and obligations.

In 2021, Cole joined The Dixon Davis Group where he finally had the opportunity to provide the kind of financial advice he believes all Canadians deserve. As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), he has worked with a diverse range of families at various life stages. He’s created decumulation strategies for multi-corporate structures, savings acceleration strategies for families aiming to achieve early financial independence, and helped many soon-to-be retirees better understand their cash flow.

Cole is passionate about financial planning research. He has a keen interest in assessing and developing practical applications for the latest research discoveries. Most recently, he has been engaged in developing easy to understand, clear, concise ways to present decumulation strategies to his clients.

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