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Personalized Financial Planning to meet your life's goals

Personalized Financial Planning

Dixon Davis believes in working for you. This means we do not sell products or take referral fees for our recommendations. Our engagements are based on time spent in analysis, meetings, written reports, and discussions. We always provide a final report wrapping up our recommendations and outlining actions to be taken. Each plan is distinct addressing your unique needs and questions. The entire process will take time, but it is worth it.


Below are some of the services we provide.  We encourage you to reach out for a discovery meeting so we can determine how to customize our offerings to your situation.

Financial Planning Project +

The Financial Planning Project + is our recommended and most popular engagement. We start the process with education first, so you are equipped to make the decisions you need to make. We aim to add security to your financial situation by giving you a plan that integrates all the components, from cashflow, to taxation to your eventual estate. The focus is on achieving your goals and easing your concerns. As such, the nature of the Financial Planning Project + is a comprehensive deep dive into your situation to ensure your success.  Ultimately this project goes beyond building you a report to take away. It thrives on communication and accountability, and we build in checkups over the 18 months following completion of your plan.

Retirement Report

At some point you want to pull the trigger and exit the workforce, but you may not be certain whether your assets are sufficient or if the time is right. Our focus is to help you determine the point at which you reach your financial independence, so you can make the lifestyle choices you want. This report will outline which account to pull from first (RRSP vs TFSA) and answers the question “When should I take my CPP and OAS?” If you have a defined benefit pension, we can help analyze which option best integrates into your overall plan.

Financial Check in

Sometimes you just need a check in to make sure that you are on the right path. This overview is great for people who already have a financial plan previously put in place by us or have developed something of their own and need a second opinion. This project is focused on creating tax efficient cashflow models based on your existing investment assets, as well as your current and future income streams. 

Business Planning

We help you establish an efficient business structure that ensures compliance with CRA while meeting your cash flow and long-term investment goals.  We discuss incorporation, determining a mix of dividend and salary, income sharing options, and risk management. The aim is to successfully integrate your business and personal affairs to achieve your financial goals. 

Financial Planning for Life

Sometimes you need behind the scenes support to help quarterback your financial life. In addition to regular consulting to discuss changes in your situation, this program offers access to the Dixon Davis team whenever you and your family have an important decision to make. It follows on from the original financial planning project to make sure all actions have been executed. We work with you to help arrange your cash flow, provide updates on your net worth, and meet with you and your investment advisor to make sure they are following your asset management strategy.

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