"There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want."

–Bill Waterson

Retirement or Financial Freedom - you've been planning for this, now it's time to enjoy. Our team of Fee-Only financial planners can give you confidence in your decision. The goal is for you to feel secure and trust that your lifestyle can be maintained. Now that your "working life" is ended, you can explore your passions - family, community engagement, pursuing your hobbies. Discover that spending your nest egg is easier with a tax-efficient plan behind you. 

Some areas Dixon Davis & Company can help you with are  ...

  • Setting up a  cash management strategy that ensures you meet your lifestyle spending requirements. 

  • Exploring your pension options, when to take government benefits, like CPP and OAS, and how to manage income tax obligations. 

  • Understanding how your investment accounts RRSP, TFSA, and others are best integrated for maximum efficiency. 

  • Determining a tax-efficient and effective strategy for passing on your estate according to your wishes. 

Retire with peace of mind and ease at heart. 

Discover what Dixon Davis & Company can do for you, no matter what stages of life you are in