"The backbone of success is hard work, determination, good planning, and perspective"

- Mia Hamm

When constructing a building you start with a solid foundation. Dixon Davis & Company takes this same philosophy to financial planning. We peel back all the layers and start from the ground up, ensuring all your pieces are working together. At this stage, it's all about creating the infrastructure that lets you live your life, support your family, and ensures you have what you need to retire when you want. A comprehensive financial plan will analyze what you have already built and given you a sound strategy to make it even better. 

Some areas Dixon Davis & Company can help you with are  ...​

  • Determining the best balance between paying down your debt and investing for your retirement. 

  • Identifiying a strategy that integrates your idea of portfolio management with your goals to set up the right balance of risk and return to let you relax while your wealth grows. 

  • Understanding taxes and the best way to organize your investments to maximize their growth potential. 

  • Evaluating potential perils such as disability, critical illness, long term care, death, property losses, and personal liability claims, to determine to what extent the risk can be eliminated, reduced, or covered.

  • Exploring strategies in education saving strategy that take advantage of government funding.   

  • Working through specific challenges to ensure you can support your family, whether saving for experiences, supporting a child with a disability, or looking after aging parents. 

Build your life the way you want it

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